If you want to start a business, run a company, or intend to expand into a sustainable venture, you need a business plan. It is the strategic blue print of your company and illustrates exactly what it is you intend to do in order to achieve your vision.

A business plan is your tangible path to success and it is the foundation, the roof and everything in between, of your business model. Current research shows that business owners, who choose to manage their companies according to a strategic plan, are more successful than those who don’t. Therefore it is a powerful tool that can guide you in growing your business, as well as open up doors to funding and investment for your business.

Access to funding is virtually impossible without a good business plan. Whether you are a start-up, SMME or a growing concern, all government and financial institutions, venture capital firms and equity investors will require a business plan before they will make a decision to invest or fund a business. Thus it is critical that you create and maintain a well thought out clear and sustainable business plan.