Fast Business Plans was established in order to respond to the growing needs of entrepreneurs and SMME’s in South Africa. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive business writing and advisory service, with a special focus on early stage business support. We understand that your goals are of utmost importance to you, thus we take the writing process and production of your plan very seriously.

Our complimentary service offering to clients includes maintaining existing plans, developing new content for print or online, writing company profiles, mini bios and designing corporate stationery. Our absolute focus on your business plan and brand, is what makes us unique and we have the in-house expertise to perform and deliver.


At Fast Business Plans our writers are committed to producing high quality plans through an efficient and effective process. They are able to apply their own entrepreneurial and business experience in order to develop a sustainable model for your business venture. Our business plan creators are all passionate about entrepreneurship and have researched the SA marketplace by consulting with various funders, angel investors and government funding departments, in order to identify and adopt the key elements that drive their funding decision making. Fast Business Plans ensures that your content is reasonably protected because we value the confidentiality of your business ideas.


Our goal is to provide a professional business writing and advisory service in the best possible time, without compromising the quality of the work being produced. We commit to:

  • Writing your basic business plan in 8 working days
  • An excellent service and consultation process
  • Providing professional plans in accepted formats